Are You Ready to Experience the Great Diversity Found in Hakka Chinese Food?

Did you know that there is more to Chinese cuisine than sweet and sour chicken with rice? It’s true, so there is no reason to limit oneself to the old standbys. For instance, there is Hakka Chinese food to consider. Its origins trace back to a number of providences, including Sichuan, Guangdong and Hunan. There are even Indian undertones to it as well.

As such, the nomadic people behind the original dishes have their own unique language and culture. Consequently, their cuisine is naturally different from what many Americans would expect from Chinese food. It includes spices and cooking traditions from many of the providences that we’ve already mentioned. In addition, there are ingredients that some people may have never tasted before in their lives.

In our opinion, that’s part of what makes ordering Hakka Chinese dishes so much fun. It is both familiar and exotic at the same time. For instance, it is common for Hakka menus to include dried shrimp, tofu, pickled vegetables, braised meats and a variety of edible fungus. Glutinous rice, minced meats and assorted noodles are often part of the dishes too.

And the seasonings used in Hakka Chinese dishes range from the predictable (e.g. salt) to fiery chilies and peppery-tasting cumin. Therefore, be prepared for each mouthful to take your taste buds on a pleasing ride across the entire Indo-Asia Region and back again. For beverages, expect to be surprised and comforted by the selections too.

If you are interested in plunging a pair of chop sticks or a fork into Hakka Chinese cuisine, we know the perfect place to get your utensils wet. It’s Chinese Mirch. Our locations’ menus reflect all the diversity associated with the Hakka culture and much more. So to learn more about Hakka cuisine, please contact us at Chinese Mirch today.